Statesboro PD putting out trash containers to decrease holiday burglaries

Statesboro PD putting out trash containers to decrease holiday burglaries

STATESBORO, GA (WTOC) - Crime never takes a holiday, and sometimes we forget we could quickly lose what we've just received.

Police and others in Statesboro want to help you protect those new gifts. Plenty of us love getting the latest and greatest electronics or other gifts, but we don't think we might be flashing a big 'come rob me' sign outside our home when we leave the new boxes on the curb for the trash truck. The city of Statesboro has a solution.

Police have containers at the police department and other places around town so you can drop off your boxes and lessen your chance of being the victim of a burglary.

"Crooks are on a constant prowl looking for signs that you have something. They're not going to take the time to break in if they don't already know you have something. This way, you don't have those boxes laying around," said Chief Mike Broadhead, Statesboro Police.

The containers were placed on Friday and they'll be there until the 28th at the following locations:

Statesboro Police Department (25 W Grady St)
Statesboro Fire Department Station #2 (1533 Fair Rd)
Statesboro Public Works (5 Braswell St)
Statesboro Waste Water Treatment Plant (302 Briarwood Rd)
Railroad Street Public Parking Lot near Hill Street

Christmas trees, household garbage, yard waste, or other such items are not allowed. Police also want to remind citizens that the Bulloch County Recycling Centers will be closed on Dec. 24 and Dec. 25. You're encouraged to recycle cardboard boxes at one of those centers during normal hours of operation.

For more information, contact the City of Statesboro Public Works at 912.764.0681 or the Statesboro PD at 912.764.9911.

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