Time is running out to ship those holiday gifts

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - We're less than a week away from Christmas and many still have more shopping to do. And, that includes mailing and shipping off presents.

If you're sending packages by postal service, then Wednesday, Dec. 20 is the deadline to ship it as priority mail. The first class mailing deadline is Tuesday, Dec. 19, and the retail ground deadline has already passed.

Also, UPS and FedEx offers quicker shipping options, but stipulations do apply. Some services are available to ship as late as Saturday.

The later you wait to ship presents, the more money you'll spend getting it there before Christmas.

If you are planning on flying this week for the holidays, airport officials are offering one tip: If its possible, you should ship your gifts instead of taking them with you on the plane. Presents may have to go through secondary security where a TSA agent will have to unwrap it for security purposes. This could cost you more time at the airport.

Shipping the item before you leave home would be the easiest way to make sure your travels run smoothly.

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