Rep. Buddy Carter reacts to tax reform bill initially passing the House

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Update: According to an Associated Press report,  Democrats say three provisions in the GOP tax plan violate Senate rules and will be removed, forcing the House to re-vote on Wednesday. The following story was written shortly after the House initially passed the tax reform bill on Tuesday.

Congressman Buddy Carter spoke with WTOC after the tax bill passed the House on Tuesday.

Rep. Carter says the savings are huge for our business community and it decreases our corporate tax rate to make us more competitive worldwide.

Rep. Carter says it's not just savings for businesses. He says the bill puts more money into the pockets of Georgia taxpayers.

"For the average family of four, earning $73,000 a year, this is savings of $2,000 a year. Can you imagine what you can do with $2,000? That's a lot of money in people's pockets. And that's going to be very significant," Rep. Carter said.

The bill is now in the Senate. Rep Carter says he expects it to pass Tuesday night and then the president will sign it before Christmas.

He says most of the bill will take effect Jan. 1.

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