Statesboro Police warn stores, customers of counterfeit cash

STATESBORO, GA (WTOC) - Some crooks try to give new meaning to the hustle of the "hustle and bustle" in holiday shopping.

Statesboro store owner Bill Hatcher says he sees more counterfeit bills than ever before, and they worry about seeing more during the gift-buying season.

"We had a meeting with all our employees just before we got into the heat of battle," Hatcher said.

The Statesboro Police Department warned people online after a handful of local businesses discovered fake $10's and $100's. They say home computers have made counterfeiting an easier crime.

"These days with modern printers it's made it easier to try this and you don't really need the plates like you used to," Statesboro Police Chief Mike Broadhead.

Chief Broadhead urges merchants to take an extra few seconds to pay attention to bills they're handed.

"Run your fingers across the money and make sure the ink doesn't smear. Feel the paper and make sure it feels like currency," he said.

Hatcher coaches his employees, too.

"Hold it up to the light and you should see an image of Ben Franklin over here on the side," Hatcher said.

He says some locations get his harder than others.

"I've got a store in Atlanta that I finally told them don't take any more $50's or $100's because we got so many of them," Hatcher said. "I guess it's just a sign of the times."

He tells his staff a few extra moments could save them all money in the long run.

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