Savannah-to-Boston flight slides off runway in icy conditions

BOSTON, MA (WTOC/CNN) - A JetBlue flight from Savannah to Boston slid off an icy runway at Logan Airport on Christmas, leaving no one injured but giving the passengers a scare.

The flight spun 180 degrees after before coming to a stop.

Steve Chisolm is an assistant rector at St. Luke's Church in Hilton Head and he was onboard the flight.

"We were straight and then all of a sudden it started fishtailing, and yeah, it started getting rough,” Chisolm said.

Terri Given was also on this plane. She's a manager at CitiTrends in Savannah.

"Once I realized we were going off the runway, I was like 'uh-oh,'" Given said.

The plane hit a patch of ice that sent it fishtailing until it finally stopped facing the opposite direction.

"All of a sudden we started sliding, and then we started spinning and spinning and spinning, and ended up in a snowbank,” passenger Jerry Hokansa said.

"It was like you were going four-wheeling," Given said. "They said that the wind coming in was really bad and then he landed, and he thought he was okay and then he hit some ice."

No passengers were hurt, and they cheered when the plane stopped.

"Pilot did a fantastic job. Everyone was applauding him at the end,” Chisolm said.

Firefighters helped everyone down the stairway in the cold, then bussed them back to the terminal leaving the plane in the snow.

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