Baxley assault victims surprised by community’s reaction to video

BAXLEY, GA (WTOC) - Jeanett Norris and her daughter Makiddian had no way to know that the video of their assault captured on camera would be seen by millions of people worldwide.

A couple dissatisfied with their food order assaulted Norris first, then punched her daughter when she ran to her aid. The video, shared to us by Baxley Police, has been viewed more than two million times on our website since June.

It generated stories across the country and beyond. People in South Georgia began contacting police to identify the pair. Two weeks later, the couple - Eric and Latasha Smith – surrendered in Bryan County.

They appeared in court several times as attorneys prepared for a November trial on assault and child cruelty charges. But days before a trial would start, they took a negotiated plea.

The Norris' say they're thankful to the people who supported them through this and hope to put the whole ordeal behind them as much as possible.

"I don't know if there'll be a normal again. We'll be glad when the sentencing is done and we know what they're sentenced to," Norris said.

The family still can't believe the attention the case and the short video clip has received.

The case returns to court, this time back in Appling County, for sentencing. That's scheduled for early January.

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