Savannah shoppers hit the stores for after-Christmas sales

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Shoppers spent a record-breaking $598 billion this holiday season, but it's not over yet.

Tuesday wasn't only about returning unwanted gifts. Shoppers also hit stores in search of after Christmas discounts.

Some shoppers are telling us, they are seeing sales of up to 70 percent off. And since it's the day after Christmas, the shopping is less stressful.

"It's relaxed the day after Christmas. We're just strolling around seeing the sights and we're shopping for ourselves, not other people," Amanda and Michele Folta said.

"Everybody's out and having fun. The sales are always great," Jules Portnoy said.

One reason for the deals: Stores are clearing out merchandise that wasn't sold before Christmas, making room for next season.

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