Is Alexa a Meteorologist?

Is Alexa a Meteorologist?

How to get WTOC on your Alexa

If you want to download the WTOC Alexa briefing, just search the Amazon store for "WTOC" and find the "WTOC News" flash briefing. You can then enable the skill on Alexa and from there say "Alexa, what's in the news?"

Why local forecasting matters

No matter the season, we depend on an accurate forecast.

With advances in technology, the outlook goes further into the future and is available in more places.

This is both a pro and a con.

PRO: It is easier for people to get information.

CON: The source of the weather information can be unknown or questionable.

The latter requires more responsibility from each of us.

Going forward, whether in hurricane season or in anticipation of wintry weather, stay with a reliable source of news and weather information no matter what device you get that information from.

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