Georgia horse recovers from injury to walk in the 128th Rose Parade

PASADENA, CA (WTOC) - A four-legged miracle walking in the Rose Parade this year.

Three years ago, a horse out of Milledgeville, GA broke his leg. Doctors told the owner, chances for recovery were extremely slim and even suggested putting him down.

What should've been a prestigious trip to Savannah's St. Patrick's Day Parade turned tragic for Rusty when another horse kicked and broke his leg. But he is fully in action and will be the lead horse on the coach in the Rose Bowl Parade this Monday.

"He and another horse got into it and the next morning the horse could hardly walk," Rusty's owner David said.

His owner took him to the vet, but things didn't look good at all.

"The vet said, David, I understand he's not a racehorse. I mean I don't know what this horse means to you. I said he means the world to me. He's my lead horse. He's my quarterback," David said.

David had full faith Rusty would one day get back in the game. He took the horse to the University of Georgia for top treatment.

"I believe in Rusty. And we'll all believe in Rusty's recovery. And all the students and everybody, they knew now this is a mission. We are going to try to make a miracle happen here," he said.

Three years later, that miracle did happen. Rusty will be the lead horse in one of two six-horse coaches in the Rose Bowl parade.

"Rusty is going to be leading one of them. What an honor," David said.

Rusty will not be doing this alone.

"Guess who's next to him? His full brother Rowdy," David said.

His owner says it was that brotherly encouragement that pushed Rusty to recovery.

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