Beaufort Memorial Using Universal Medications Form

Beaufort Memorial Hospital is participating in a statewide initiative to provide people in the community with a form called a universal medication form. By listing your current medications and dosages on the form, hospital workers are hoping it will make it easier for patients to make healthcare providers aware of all their medications, so they don't prescribe or administer any drugs that would interact with their current medications.

"As you go from specialist to specialist, they're not necessarily getting all the information," noted Susan Roos, RN. "This is a great way to hand it over to your physician every time you go from your specialist to specialist or to your internist or family doctor."

Hospital organizers are encouraging everyone to fill out the form and then put it in their wallets or purses so it's readily available. You can pick up these forms at Beaufort Memorial Hospital or you can log onto the hospital's website at to download the form.

Reported by: Jaime Dailey,