Garden City Concerned Over Proposed Ports Credentialing Office

Chatham County commissioners are trying to strike a deal with the Georgia Ports Authority that would keep the ports' credentialing office out of a Garden City neighborhood.

The Georgia Ports Authority wanted to move its parking lot and build the office near the ports' main gate in a residential neighborhood. They also want to build a new road through undeveloped land in Port Wentworth.

Chatham County commissioners say they can have their road if they agree to move the credentialing office somewhere else. They also want the deal in writing.

"Basically, we're encouraging the Georgia Ports Authority to grow, but grow responsibly and with care and concern about the neighbors who live in that area," said commissioner Dean Kicklighter.

Commissioners say they'll give the ports a year to move the operations to the north side of the river.

Reported by: Liz Flynn,