Senior Dawgs returned just for this opportunity

Senior Dawgs returned just for this opportunity

PASADENA, CA (WTOC) - The Georgia Bulldog season continues now with the National Championship Game in Atlanta on Monday night.

That means one more game for the oldest Dawgs on the team, who are a big reason the team is where it is now and why the Bulldogs beat Oklahoma in the Rose Bowl last night.

A lot of talks this year about how the Georgia Bulldogs might be ahead of schedule. How this is supposed to be a young team with a second-year coach and a freshman quarterback.

But this is a mature group because of a large group of seniors who decided to return to Athens for their senior seasons. And fittingly, it was two of those seniors who put the Dawgs in the national championship game.

Lorenzo Carter blocked an Oklahoma field goal attempt in overtime, setting the stage for Sony Michel's Rose Bowl-winning touchdown run. Two seniors helping to extend this dream season and putting the senior stamp on this team once again.

"This is why we came back, us four. We came back for a reason and we envisioned all of this," linebacker Davin Bellamy said.

"It's going to be tough to deny us. We've got a lot of, we've been going hard all year since we came together as a team. And we're going to keep fighting for each other," Carter said.

It's a quick turnaround for the Dawgs, just six days to prepare for the national championship game. But it's a very familiar opponent, Alabama, also of the SEC.

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