Authorities seek information on stolen vehicle, deadly hit-and-run incident in Evans County

(Source: WTOC)
(Source: WTOC)

EVANS CO., GA (WTOC) - The Evans County Sheriff's Office is seeking information regarding several stolen vehicles and a deadly hit-and-run.

Officials say three vehicles were stolen from Hagan in Evans County in the early morning hours of Friday, Jan. 5.

Sheriff Randall Tippins says the deceased, 17-year-old Akale Williams, was one of three drivers that stole three different cars. He says when police attempted to stop one of the stolen vehicles, chaos ensued and the thieves ended up running over and killing one of their own. He says the car that the deceased was driving went into a ditch and when he got out, he was struck by one of the other stolen cars.

The sheriff says the three cars that were stolen in Hagan were all ditched and have been recovered in Evans County. However, a BOLO (Be On The Look Out) was issued for a fourth car that was stolen from the crash area and used as the getaway vehicle. That vehicle, described as a 2001 Mercury Grand Marquise, has since been recovered in Bryan County.

"We tried to stop the vehicle. The vehicles fled before I could even make contact with them," said Chief Dale Kirkland, Hagan Police Department. "My lights weren't on yet and they just took off and fled the scene and that's when the crash took place."

A fifth vehicle believed to be connected with this incident was stolen out of Effingham County and recovered outside of Hagen.

Police have arrested a 17-year-old that was spotted in a yard a few blocks away from the crash scene.

"A young person came to their house acting funny, acting strange, wanting to use the phone. They called us. He's from another country and that's what led us there," Sheriff Tippins said.

Officials believe he was in one of the stolen cars. It wasn't until after the crash that they spotted the stolen car from Effingham County crashed just inside Hagan. They think it may have been the first taken in this deadly chain.

"So, you've got a car from Effingham found in Evans. Three cars from Evans found in Evans. One car from Evans found in Bryan," we asked the sheriff.

"Yes, that's Bryan County, off Bacon Road, somewhere near there," the sheriff said.

The sheriff says the group's leaving Williams in the street to die shows there is no honor among thieves.

Anyone with information on either of these incidents is asked to contact the Evans County Sheriff's Office at 912.739.1611.

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