School officials weigh in on classes resuming Monday

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Kids were supposed to go back to school Wednesday following the winter break, but the weather kept them out for the rest of the week.

Some are concerned about whether or not schools will be prepared by Monday, especially with some areas still dealing with ice.

There is still a lot of snow and ice in the area, but school officials say they are prepared for schools to be up and running by Monday. Savannah-Chatham Public Schools say they've been doing assessments of all the buildings to make sure water and heat are running properly and that no pipes have burst before students head back to school.

Darrell Boazman with the school system says they'll have routes cleared for buses by Monday as well so that there is no black ice. Transportation buses will run their routes on Sunday to make sure roads are safe, and there will also be another assessment done on Sunday.

"We haven't had any issues; just this school with heavy ice; White Bluff; heavy ice; and at Jenkins, so those are the three schools that we are primarily focused on and trying to get some of the ice up so the buses can come in and the kids can come in to a safe environment," said Boazman, Sr. Director of Construction Operations, SCCPSS. "We do have a contingency plan in place, and so what we do, we have a swing cycle and what we will do is swing kids to other sites, and so we will send information back up to our officials and they will make a decision about where we are swinging kids."

The school system also says they have plans in place just in case heat isn't working or pipes have burst.

Students in Savannah-Chatham County aren't the only ones returning to school on Monday. So far, we haven't heard from any school districts in our area who have plans to stay closed Monday. If we do, we'll be sure to update you on air and online.

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