Business owners, travelers wonder when ice will clear from Savannah street

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Most bridges and overpasses are clear from the snow and ice, but some sidewalks and other areas in Savannah are still covered with a layer of ice.

People who travel in areas like Broughton street and even business owners are wondering when the ice will be gone.

"It's definitely a detriment not only to the customer's safety, but it's been a huge detriment to our business as well this week honestly has been like having a hurricane all over again," said Ben & Jerry's co-owner Chad Scribner. "We've been closed for multiple days because of the snow. Honestly, it's just been a very slow start to 2018."

Javier Carro of Blends Coffee boutique echoed that statement, saying "For me the excuse that we were not prepared because we are not used to it, okay perfect, but after a couple of days we should have done something and it's really hurting our business."

The normally sunny side is clear, while the other shaded side is still pretty icy. There are many people out on Broughton Street on Saturday and there were earlier who told me they were just being careful walking on the ice. Business owners say they have lost money and business is slow because they were shut down for multiple days and there is ice still on the sidewalks. They say they just want the city to do something about it.

The city has said: "They've also been shoveling the sidewalks by hand. Yesterday alone they poured 11,000 pounds of salt on sidewalks. They are focusing on the highest traveled pedestrian areas."

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