Charges remain unchanged against July 4 shooting, chase suspect

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - A superior court judge reached a decision on whether or not to dismiss felony murder charges against Jerry Chambers, Jr. The man in jail for his alleged role in a violent and deadly Fourth of July holiday around Savannah's City Market.

Chambers' attorney filed a motion months ago to get three counts of felony murder dismissed. The presiding judge, Judge James Bass, Jr., decided that the Supreme Court ruling Assistant District Attorney Matt Breedon brought up in his argument set the precedent for this case and the charges Jerry Chambers should be tried for.

Chambers' attorney filed a general demurrer asking that the first three counts on his client's indictment, three felony murder charges, be dropped.

Chambers also faces vehicular homicide charges, charges for running from police and assault charges, among others.

Judge Bass, Jr. submitted his four-page opinion Monday, saying in part that, "the State may elect to prosecute the Defendant under the felony murder statute and the fleeing to elude statute should the facts of the case establish the commission of those crimes. Defendant's General Demurrer with regard to Counts 1-3 are denied."

Looking ahead at the possibility for a jury trial, we asked a local defense attorney what some of the difficulties might be in defending such a high-profile case that's received a lot of attention over the past six months.

"So the problem with all of this becomes, whenever you pick a jury, everybody's got an opinion of everything. The idea is, just because you have an opinion, can you set that opinion aside and make a decision based on just the evidence that's presented. So the problem for the defense is going to become, if they make it to the jury trial, to select the jury .. is hey, we've got all these people from Chatham County that we're pulling in in the jury pool. So one of the questions is going to be, hey, are you familiar with this case?" said attorney RIchard Sanders, Jr.

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