13th Annual Heart to Heart Convention held to raise awareness to sudden cardiac arrest

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Sudden cardiac arrest is seen as a rare condition, but it's the number one killer of student-athletes.

Friday night, Parent Heart Watch hosted their thirteenth annual Heart to Heart Convention at the Savannah Marriott. Guests from all over the county gathered to learn, discuss, and raise awareness about sudden cardiac arrest.

The executive director of Parent Heart Watch says that with the right information, parents can prevent this deadly condition.

"Sudden cardiac arrest is preventable," said Martha Lopez-Anderson. "It's preventable, but you have to know what the warning signs and symptoms are and you have to be aware of your family history."

WTOC's Dawn Baker was the Mistress of Ceremonies for the event.

There will be two other events held over the weekend. Saturday's event will focus on sudden cardiac arrest prevention.

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