'Voices of Savannah' gives survivors of trauma opportunity to speak

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - A group of women met on Saturday to speak about surviving rape, attempted murder, and domestic violence.

"Voices of Savannah" was hosted at Georgia Southern's Armstrong campus by a number of organizations including Moms Demand Action and the Still Standing Foundation. One by one, women went on stage to share their personal experiences of trauma. Attendees and advocates say an event like this is important because it gives renewed strength to the survivor but also brings to light an issue that is affecting every community.

"People like to think that victims are all living down in public housing, but they're not," said Cherly Branch, the Executive Director of Safe Shelter. "They're your neighbors, your family members, people in your church, your co-workers. I've worked at Safe Shelter for twenty-one years, and when I was with the outreach program, I worked with victims in every zip code in Savannah."

While Safe Shelter and the Rape Crisis Center were not organizers of the event, they were present as supporters.

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