Siblings separated at birth reconnect thanks to viral Facebook post

RINCON, GA (WTOC) - A Rincon woman found her long-lost brother last weekend thanks to a viral Facebook post. She had been separated from him since birth.

When her father was sent away to jail, Feather and her brother were separated before they ever got to know one another. After many failed attempts to find him, she resorted to a Facebook post. She said within minutes it was shared as far as Pennsylvania, where her soon-to-be-found brother lived.

She was able to reconnect with her brother within minutes.

"I sent him a friend request," Braas said. "He said he usually deletes friend requests from people he doesn't know but he was like 'this girl has my biological dads last name' and he said he read the poster and then he put two and two together."

She said she is excited for what is to come with her new relationship with her older brother.

Braas had previously reconnected with her father several years ago thanks to an ancestry website. She found out he had forfeited parental rights after a stint in jail.

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