Savannah leaders sending informational fire fee flyers to citizens

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The city of Savannah recently passed costs of fire services to taxpayers in the form of the fire fee.

To help people understand what they're getting for their money, city staff is now taking $4,500 out of the general fund to print up flyers to do just that. The flyer explains what Savannah Fire and Emergency Services is all about.

It'll take about eight weeks for the flyers to go out to all 71,000+ homes across the city. Inside are details about the fire services you'll get if you call 911. The timing of the flyers' release is by design.

"We wanted to make sure that we educated people about everything the fire department does for them so when they are paying that fire fee, they are aware of all of the services they can call and sign up for, can get a free smoke detector, to know what kind of response they can get if they needed a response," said Michelle Gavin, City of Savannah, Spokeswoman. "The city has really taken a hard look at how it can reach the maximum number of people and spend the least amount of money. That is definitely a factor that went into this mailing. We did all of the photography and design work in-house, The only cost was for printing. We didn't even have to pay for postage because that's already a part of the utility billing."

Gavin says in years past, they've used ad-space and other methods that cost a lot more but don't guarantee exposure.

The city will be sending more flyers out in the future, highlighting SPLOST projects and the soon-to-be de-merged police department.

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