High School Football Fans Already Talking Trash

Where will you be Friday night? Chances are, on the sidelines or in the stands, cheering on your favorite high school team. It's hard to believe, but football season is here again.

Some games just seem to stand out from the others on the schedule. Vidalia and Lyons are only four miles apart, and when their teams start their seasons against each other, the rivalry is as much as any community can handle.

With opening night just days away, one community is split between the Vidalia Indians and the Toombs County Bulldogs.

"It is a huge rivalry, people get into the spirit," said Bulldogs fan Bill Mixon. "I don't know too many people that don't make it to the game."

A fourth of the county will be in the stands. Getting into it means talking trash all week with fans of the other team.

"It is hard to go to work the next day if your team loses, because there are lots of Toombs County people here and lots of Vidalia people in Lyons too," said Indian fan Wayne Wheeler. "You have to be careful what you say. You live with it all year long."

The game divides friends, families, even marriages.

"I've got friends whose wives or husbands came from the other school and they'll sit on opposite sides of the bleachers," said Bulldog supporter Adam Carroway. "Which is rightfully so."

If you think it's a little early in the week to get excited about high school football on Friday night, these guys started talking trash the day after last year's game.

Fans on both sides can't imagine a better way to kick off the year.

"South Georgia Friday night football? You can't beat it," Mixon said.

Friday night is also our kickoff for WTOC's 18th season of coverage with Fabulous Football Friday. You can catch the show every Friday night during the season immediately following THE News at 11.

Reported by: Dal Cannady, dcannady@wtoc.com