Government shutdown: Local impacts

FORT PULASKI - Fort Pulaski and Cockspur Island are closed to the public as of Saturday. The closure comes as a result of the lapse in government funding, ongoing bridge construction, and safety issues stemming from storm recovery efforts.

Park access to McQueen's Island including the Lazaretto Creek Boat Ramp and McQueen's Island Trail remain open despite the shutdown.

Park offices will remain closed until government business resumes. This also means that no money from tourists comes in for the park and employees are not getting paid while they are furloughed. Services that require staffing and maintenance will not be operating until further notice.

However, National Parks aren't the only places affected by the government shutdown in the area.
"There are some people in my company that won't be able to go to work because their installation will be closed," said Retired Sgt. 1st Class Joe Benavides. "I just happen to be in an installation where the area is gonna stay open."

Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield employs around 4,400 civilians and more than 19,000 service members. While military personnel will not be furloughed, some civilians and contractors will be.

Fort Stewart says despite the shutdown, they will continue to prepare for the deployment of the 1st Armored Brigade. They also have the ability to deploy soldiers from the 3rd Infantry Division to support worldwide missions as needed.

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