General McIntosh Blvd. reopens after 3 years under construction

General McIntosh Blvd. reopens after 3 years under construction
(Source: WTOC)
President Street Project Map. (Source: City of Savannah)
President Street Project Map. (Source: City of Savannah)

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The City of Savannah opened all lanes of General McIntosh Boulevard and activated the new traffic signals on Tuesday, Jan. 23.

General McIntosh Blvd. has been closed since February 2015 while the city raised the elevation of General McIntosh and President Street between 5-8 feet to alleviate street flooding. The city also reconfigured the intersections and installed new traffic signals at Randolph and President streets. These traffic lights have been up and flashing since last week.

"A new intersection here -- this four-way intersection with General McIntosh and Randolph Street. Originally, Randolph Street wasn't apart of this project and we've incorporated that and now you got a nice four-way intersection," said Zack Hoffman, Administrator – Capital Improvement Projects.

New landscaping and pedestrian-friendly features were added as well to enhance the appearance of this major gateway into Savannah from the islands. Brick crosswalks and sidewalks along both sides of President Street were added at the intersections. This feature is to enhance the pedestrian friendliness of Savannah.

Drivers need to pay close attention to what's going on if traveling in this area due to the changes.

"We're under budget on this project. Schedule, we've prolonged the schedule a little bit as we've gone through the project. We added on new things that weren't apart of the original contract. We've been able to work through all those things and stay under budget." said Hoffman.

City officials say these infrastructure improvements are necessary for future development of the properties in that area.

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