City of Pooler works to revamp area of Highway 80 between I-95, Pooler Parkway

City of Pooler works to revamp area of Highway 80 between I-95, Pooler Parkway
(Source: WTOC)

POOLER, GA (WTOC) - As Pooler continues to see growth, city leaders are working to revamp a certain area.

New developments have been popping up all over Pooler. It started in the city's north end and is now spreading south. City leaders say they want to put some tender, love, and care along the stretch of US Highway 80, between Interstate 95 and Pooler Parkway, which is known to many as "Old Pooler."

"I'd like to start the term "Old Town Pooler" because I think it's very important to a lot of people who have lived here a long time," Pooler Mayor Mike Lamb said.

Mayor Lamb says the stretch of road is historic and it's what the city calls its downtown. With all of the progress being made around Pooler, the city wants to make sure it keeps its historic roots.

"What people see up and down Highway 80 is something that was built in the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s, and they're all different structures," Mayor Lamb said.

City leaders are working on certain ordinances and zones which means developers will have to follow a certain look.

"There's never been any control on what the look was going to be," Mayor Lamb said.

Jessica Sauls opened her beauty lounge off Highway 80 a little over a year ago. She says she wanted to have her location in an area that had some character.

"The other side of Pooler is more commercial...Highway 80 is definitely unique and original. That's where we wanted to be," Sauls said.

Part of the revitalization has already taken place, like at Pooler City Hall, which was built around one year ago. It includes space for public offices, Pooler Police, and the courthouse.

The city is also hoping to add more paths so it will be easier for people to walk around the area.

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