Hudson Street homicide suspect shot, killed by officers

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Authorities say Ricky Boyd was wanted for the murder of 24-year-old Balil Whitfield that occurred Sunday afternoon on Hudson Street in Savannah.

Boyd was shot and killed by police during an incident Tuesday morning on Marian Circle just outside of Savannah city limits.

The murder of Whitfield on Jan. 21 was Savannah's first homicide of 2018.

Crime tape is still out on the scene on Hudson Street. People in the neighborhood say they came from church to find a homicide investigation underway.

Whitfield was shot and killed Sunday around 1:45 p.m. Police say they got to the scene and found Whitfield dead from a gunshot wound in a car.

A neighbor said he came home from church that afternoon and saw the street blocked off with crime scene tape. He says everyone in this area treats each other as family and they don't normally see homicides over here.

"I was shocked. I was more shocked than anything because like I said, there is rarely something like this happening," Lawrence Terry said.

Another neighbor was there to help and comfort Balil's mother and family.

"Just gave her a jacket because I know she was cold out there and she was sitting on the ground, so I took her some chairs for her and the family members to keep them from sitting on the ground," Jackie Bradley said. "It was a lot of family members standing out. They stayed out the whole time until after they removed the body before they left."

Bradley says she didn't know what else to do but pray and help Balil's mother.

"Too many killings, but something needs to be done about it because we are losing so many of our youth," Terry said.

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