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Mercedes-Benz Stadium voted top stadium for food, Falcons promise to fix roof

crews are back to work trying to fix the roof at Mercedes Benz stadium (Chopper 46) crews are back to work trying to fix the roof at Mercedes Benz stadium (Chopper 46)

Mercedes-Benz Stadium has the best concessions of any football stadium in America.

The new stadium is ranked number one in a 2017 NFL fan survey asking which sports venue has the highest quality and value food and beverages. Reasonable prices, quality restaurant brands, unlimited soda refills, two dollar hot dogs and five dollar beer were big hits with fans.

The stadium was also the top choice amongst major league soccer stadiums.

Mercedes Benz Stadium also pulled in more concession revenue than the Georgia Dome despite the lower prices, proving Falcons owner Arthur Blank right. He predicted stadiums will have better success if they charge reasonable prices for snacks, which turns a decades-long tradition of overcharging upside down.

Meanwhile, Chopper 46 was overhead Thursday as crews got back to work trying to straighten out whatever's wrong with the roof of Mercedes-Benz stadium. Falcons president Rich McKay says the roof is really going to open and close on its own definitely before the fall, and maybe even by the end of the spring.

They couldn't deliver on their promise for the first football season, but if the roof isn't automated and leak free before the Super Bowl, that would really be an embarrassment. CBS46 found an electrician who was on the job when construction crews first had to admit the roof wasn't turning out the way they thought it would.

"They had to stop the process. The engineers got in way over their heads."

We had to conceal his identity, but we wanted to hear an opinion from someone with boots on the ground about whether the new promises seem realistic.

"They may have a good chance," said the electrician, "I mean, if they really buckle down, and the engineers get in there and talk with the field guys. Because that's the thing, the engineers put it on paper, but us field guys get in there and realize certain things aren't going to work out. It's just time-consuming as far as communication reaching the top and then coming back down for changes, but I think they should have a shot."

He says the issues with the roof leaking and not opening the way it should appear to be related, so the fixing one thing will probably take care of the other.

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