Wayne County authorities capture armed, dangerous suspect

Wayne County authorities capture armed, dangerous suspect
Christopher Clayton Sweat.

WAYNE CO., GA (WTOC) - Wayne County authorities have taken one man into custody in connection with an assault in Odum on Sunday morning.

According to the Wayne County Sheriff, Christopher Clayton Sweat allegedly cut the throat of a woman and buried her under logs in a wooded area on Mallard Road.  The woman regained consciousness and was able to seek help. She was transported to an area hospital.

Sweat stole her car and later fled to a camper on Fannie Head Road in Wayne County where he was quickly surrounded by county law enforcement leading to a standoff lasting around 3 & 1/2 hours. Law enforcement officials used tear gas to force Sweat out through a window, taking him into custody.

Sheriff Carter says they received a call around 2:45 about Sweat being in the camper. Two other people in the camper that knew Sweat, but had no idea what was going on.

When police demanded for all of those inside to come out, the two people exited as Sweat remained inside. He didn't respond to phone calls to or the sheriffs PA system to come out of the camper.

"It took us about three hours," said Wayne County Sheriff John Carter. "We tried to talk to him. Our search team went in with tear gas and he came out the window and we've got him in custody at this time."

Sweat faces an attempted murder charge, aggravated assault, and theft of the woman's vehicle.

The sheriff did say that the victim is still in the hospital undergoing treatment, but the extent of her injuries are unknown.

Some of the information provided is courtesy of the Coastal News Service.

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