Suspect arrested after standoff in Wayne County

Suspect arrested after standoff in Wayne County
Christopher Clayton Sweat (Source: Wayne County Sheriff's Office)

WAYNE CO., GA (WTOC) - A near-deadly attack in Wayne County turned into a standoff with deputies eventually arresting their suspect.

It happened in Odum and ended on Fannie Head Road, just outside of Jesup.

Wayne County's sheriff says all too often, cases like this end with an officer wounded, a suspect wounded, or both. He's glad neither happened in this case.

Don Faecher spent Monday cleaning up the camper where he's lived the past two weeks after a standoff between an acquaintance and law enforcement.

"I didn't bring him around here. I didn't invite him over. He just showed up," Faecher said.

Christopher Clayton Sweat is now facing charges of slitting the throat of an ex-girlfriend and covering her with logs for her to die. She escaped to get help and officers tracked her stolen truck to Faecher's home. Don says Sweat showed no signs of committing such a crime hours earlier.

"Kinda happy-go-lucky and joking, but some of his comments were off cuff and not right," Faecher said.

Faecher and his girlfriend saw deputies and police surrounding the camper before Sweat did, and the two rushed out the door. Officers spent the next hours trying to get Sweat to surrender.

"We had information that he said he wasn't going back to prison and he'd either shoot himself or shoot at us," Sheriff John Carter said.

They finally launched tear gas inside and forced him to evacuate and arrested him without anyone getting hurt.

"It could have gotten out of control and escalated very quickly," Faecher said.

Don says he feels for the victim and others affected in this case and realizes how easily something bad could have happened here.

Sweat will appear before a magistrate judge but these charges go above where a magistrate judge can grant bond. He will remain in jail to await a hearing in Superior Court.

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