Liberty County homicide victim's family speaks out

Liberty County homicide victim's family speaks out

LIBERTY CO., GA (WTOC) - Herbert DeLoach lives on Freedman Grove Road in Fleming, GA. It's just a few houses down from where 62-year-old James Caswell Jones was found shot Monday.

DeLoach walked around the abandoned property Tuesday morning trying to wrap his head around what happened.

"It's a good area, good quiet area, and I love it like that. That's the only way we know. Mam, it's just something new. I hope it doesn't happen anymore," DeLoach said.

Along with neighbors shocked by crime in their area, family members also say they're shocked. Larry Jones, the brother of the victim, told us how outgoing the 62-year-old was.

"He was married but he had three kids - one son and two daughters," Jones said. "He loved to go fishing. Yes. Loved to go fishing."

Larry says both he and his brother are masons by trade. They grew up on the same street that they live on today, just a few houses down from one another. When asked why and how this could have happened, Larry said he thinks his brother was targeted for his money.

Liberty County deputies found Jones in an abandoned home driveway. A passerby called 911 about a man lying face down beside a blue truck. Officials discovered it was his truck and he suffered one gunshot wound.

Georgia Bureau of Investigations also responded to the scene. Sheriff Steve Sikes says it was good having them there.

"Normally when we have a crime scene like that, if they're available, we'll certainly call them for forensic purposes. They really helped out in this case and we got some really good evidence from the scene," Sikes said.

Even though the sheriff says they have several leads, he says they still need your help.

"If anyone saw or thinks they may have seen the vehicle or his vehicle or even him or hear anything, please call us," Sikes said. "It takes all of us to solve a crime."

The family is looking for answers, too.

"Yea, it's kinda scary," Larry Jones said. "I hope they can find the killer because ain't no reason to be running around here and not solving the problem."

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