Toombs, Jeff Davis Counties Turn 100

A 100th birthday or anniversary is always a major milestone. But what about two communities reaching that mark on the exact same day? Jeff Davis and Toombs Counties are getting ready for the big celebration.

In front of a crowd on the courthouse square in Hazlehurst, in Jeff Davis County, youngsters will reenact the county's origins.

Tourism director Wanda Marchant told us, "Hazlehurst was a town before Jeff Davis was a county. We were part of Appling County and Coffee County and taken from those two counties."

The bill that founded the county started with state Rep. Cromartie of Appling County. So it was supposed to be Cromartie County, but there was one problem. Cromartie was still alive. The custom was to name counties for the deceased. So at the last minute, they settled on the name of Jefferson Davis.

On the very same day, another state law founded Toombs County.

"As it was told to me, there was some misunderstanding between people in Mount Vernon and people in Vidalia that Montgomery County didn't care what happened to Vidalia as long as it wasn't part of Montgomery County any more," said Ann Todd, chair of the Toombs County Centennial Committee.

People in both communities will spend tonight honoring the past, but looking toward the future.

Reported by: Dal Cannady,