Cancer patient dances her way through chemo

GUYTON, GA (WTOC) - She's known as the dancing queen with a twist.

Neveah Williams was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer back in September of 2017, but, instead of her thinking about when her last day will be, she dances away her pain.

Williams said, when she first found out what was happening, her mom told her she was a fighter and that has stuck with her for the last few months.

"My mom told me I was going to have to fight so dancing is my way of fighting, and it keeps me going," Williams said.

Williams was diagnosed with Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumor, a cancer that is extremely rare and there have only been 200 reported cases. This diagnosis came just four days after the birth of her baby brother. This also came right after her family had to evacuate because of Hurricane Irma.

Alana Williams, Neveah's mom, said, while they were in Atlanta because of the evacuation, she noticed Neveah's stomach was harder than normal. That's when she and Neveah's dad took her to the hospital for further evaluation.

The call from the doctor changed their lives forever.

"She had several tumors...not just one inside her belly...she had some inside her chest wall and the biggest tumor in her stomach was three pounds," Alana Williams said.

According to the St. Jude website, Neveah's diagnosis, DSRCT, is extremely rare, and there is not a specific treatment tailored to this rare cancer.

"We travel to Atlanta every two weeks. She alternates from five days to two days of the most aggressive chemo they have," Alana Williams said.

Alana Williams said they had their lives together and were preparing for Neveah's first baby brother only for their eight-year-old to be fighting for her life just days later.

While there is also just a 15 percent 5 year survival rate with this rare form of cancer, Neveah said she is living every moment like it is her last.

"Your current situation does not have to be your destination,"  Neveah said.

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