Some islands residents happy with new county police department

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - Residents living on Oatland, Whitemarsh, Talahi and Wilmington islands say they are excited about the demerger, and they already see a positive outcome with this transition. They say they don't have too many concerns.

Marianne Heimes, who is a resident of The Marshes, said she has gotten excited every time she has seen a new Chatham County officer.

"I know today is the first day. Actually I went to Walmart today to pick up some thing for the meeting tonight, and, as I pulled in, there was a county car, and a county officer in his new uniform," Heimes said.

Sarah Parsons, who lives in the Whitemarsh area, said she doesn't think the change will be drastic, but she does think it will take a little time to work out all of the kinks.

Residents out on Oatland, Whitemarsh, Talahi and Wilmington islands said they had many reasons why they wanted the demerger to happen.

"We didn't feel we were getting the service that we were paying for," Heimes said.

Even though Chatham County is down officers and they have to do some hiring, residents said they will feel safe because areas are covered by Chatham County Sheriffs Office until they are up to par with officers.

"There's people out there that can be hired. They just need to get busy and hire," Heimes said.

Other residents say the more the merrier.

The island residents say they are excited about the change and excited to finally have officers to themselves.

It's a whole new ball game. We loved the county police before when they were out here. We know it's a different world today, but I think they are up to the job and I love their cars," Heimes said.

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