Severe Weather Awareness: Family Preparedness/NOAA Alert Radio Day

Severe Weather Awareness: Family Preparedness/NOAA Alert Radio Day

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Severe Weather Awareness Week begins Monday, Feb. 5 and continues through Friday, Feb. 9.

Each day covers a different form of hazardous, or severe, weather and how you can stay safe during each weather phenomenon.

A breakdown of this week:

  • Monday - Family Preparedness/NOAA Alert Radio Day
  • Tuesday – Thunderstorm Safety
  • Wednesday – Tornado Safety
  • Thursday – Lightning Safety
  • Friday – Flooding

While each form of severe weather may seem completely different, the way in which you stay safe is quite similar.

Before severe weather strikes, ensure that you have a way to receive updated forecasts and breaking severe weather information; watches, warning and weather advisories. To put it simply, you must know what type of severe weather is coming before you can properly prepare for it.

A NOAA Weather Radio is a great way to receive traditional forecasts and severe weather information at an affordable price.

The WTOC Weather App is a free, dependable way to receive breaking weather notifications in addition to accurate forecasts. The app can be downloaded by searching "wtoc" in Apple iTunes or Google Play Store.

Once you have a trusted source of weather information, you need to develop a safety plan.

Get severe weather information and have a plan of action
Get severe weather information and have a plan of action

Each type of severe weather presents different risks to life and property. Do you know your property's or place of work's greatest risk during a severe weather event?

Listen to advice from meteorologists and local officials. If you are told to evacuate when a tropical system approaches, do so. If a Tornado Warning is issued, seek proper shelter away from windows in the center-most windowless portion of your home.

In a flooding event, never drive into high water. Less than two feet of moving water can easily move large vehicles.

Be proactive and develop a plan that you and loved ones can easily put into action when severe or hazardous weather strikes.

And, always carry the WTOC First Alert Weather App for up-to-the-minute forecasts and to receive severe weather alerts on your mobile devices.

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