Group Sends Flowers to Every Third ID Funeral

One group has found a way to pay its respects to every single Third Infantry Division soldier who has died in Iraq. When a soldier dies, it affects entire communities, and now members of the Hinesville Military Affairs Committee are letting those families know just how much those soldiers will be missed.

Special patriotic bouquets may not exactly be the kind of flower arrangement that brings joy, but they can bring comfort in a time of need.

"The more soldiers you have killed, the more flowers you have to send," said Steven Adams, owner of KC Flowers & Gifts.

Unfortunately, Adams says the bouquets are being sent out more than he'd like to admit. But being a former soldier himself, he knows the importance of what they're doing.

"When it started out, we'd got one or two," he said. "Now it seems like when they bring the orders over, they're in bundles of three, four and five."

Over the past several months, more than 50 orders have been placed by the Hinesville's Military Affairs Committee, to show their gratitude to the families who have lost someone in the war in Iraq.

"They've adopted a program that will send flowers to the funerals of each soldier that's killed in this conflict," said Mayor Tom Ratcliffe of Hinesville.

While memorial services are held for families and friends at Warriors Walk, inside the home of the Third ID, these florists are finding themselves busier than ever. Every day more and more orders are being taken by the people at KC Flowers & Gifts. And they're being sent to just about every state in our country.

Just as we were covering this story, five more orders came in.

"It's hard to see a death anywhere, but when you see the soldiers that are over fighting for freedom and the values the people over there want, it makes it a little harder," said Adams.

Each bouquet costs about $55 and a lot of that money comes from donations from local businesses and community members.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,