Savannah Police still looking for E. 40th St. shooter as new details emerge

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - New details are in regarding an armed robbery that left two men injured - one of them seriously hurt with a gunshot wound.

The robbery turned shooting happened along the 100 block of East 40th Street in the Thomas Square neighborhood. The witness and victim accounts to investigators paint a terrifying picture of what happened early Sunday morning.

Responding to what originally went out as a Shotspotter call, officers arriving at the East 40th Street location quickly realized it was much more when they found the two injured men. One of them had a gunshot wound and was laying on the front porch of a home, unresponsive.

Two different officers performed CPR on that victim - one officer detailing in the report that he gave 30 chest compressions and two breaths from a CPR mask. He stopped when the victim came to and started breathing on his own.

The second victim also had a cut on his forehead and was extremely disoriented, according to police.

There were people inside the home where the victims ended up, but they told police because of playing loud music, they didn't hear anything until what sounded like three or four gunshots. One of the witnesses told investigators they saw a black man dressed in all black running down 40th Street toward Abercorn, but it wasn't determined in the report that person was the shooter.

The Thomas Square Neighborhood Association president says the whole incident is on his radar, and he has reached out to police for more details. Right now, his focus is bringing the neighborhood residents together to build a network and trust.

"We're striving for social cohesion, and one end result of that, I think, will be a safer neighborhood. Again, an 'eyes on the street' sort of concept where we're all just a little bit more aware of each other and the patterns of the neighborhood, and can identify situations that aren't super safe," said Clinton Edminster. "And getting the word out there about how to be street-smart, how to think about your surroundings and what steps you can take at your home and at your business to ensure that you can be safe as well."

The last we've heard from police is the man who was shot is in the hospital in critical condition.

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