Savannah pastors react to recent violence

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - It's just six weeks into 2018, and the city of Savannah has already experienced several homicides.

Several Savannah pastors stood together Thursday to take a stance against the violence.

The Savannah Alliance of Pastors met at Bonaventure Funeral Home where 12-year-old John Cooksey Jr. was shot and killed last week. They call the violence a crisis.

Pastor Da'Henri Thurmond says the gun violence is a plague on the city.

"We can express we are in pain. We can't hide the reality that this city is mourning, and we can't move onto the next issue. We have to be resolute in saying this can't happen," Pastor Thurmond said.

The pastor says religious leaders have to come out from the walls of the churches to help end the violence.

The Savannah Alliance of Pastors will continue meeting with city and county leaders to discuss what religious leaders can do to help combat the issue.

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