Tim's Take: Olympic Games security concerns

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Once an Olympian, always an Olympian, says Savannah's Michael Cohen...but the pull of the Games doesn't always stay the same.

Cohen, member of the 1980 U.S. Weightlifting Team and former Olympic Weightlifting coach no longer feels the need to be around the world's biggest sporting event.

Cohen has enough to do to not miss what he's not doing.

"You get older, you have other priorities in your life," he said.

Another Olympics begins Friday night - the seventh since Cohen last went to one as a coach - but as with those other Games, he'll be happy to follow these from a distance.

"I'm not a Winter Olympics athlete. I like warmth. I don't like to be cold, but I do like to watch, he said.

The temperature of the world events is a big reason why Cohen has not even tried to go to the Olympics in 14 years. The security risk outweighs the opportunity to be in the atmosphere of the Games.

"It's a major concern. You've got people out there who have no concept of life and to wreak havoc and destruction is part of their ingrained nature," Cohen said. "It's very, very difficult."

Now, the guy who didn't get to go to the 1980 Olympics he qualified for because of the U.S. boycott has an easier time not being there, but that could change too.

Cohen's two sons seem to be on the Olympic track, possibly for the 2028 Games that will be in Los Angeles. Could he stay away then?

"Oh, no no no. I'm going or my wife will go, one of us. It will be interesting to see how that pans out," he said.

Until it does, Savannah's connection to the Olympics will be happy to be disconnected from them.

Cohen could have gone to the 2016 para-Olympics in Rio de Janeiro as part of the wheelchair basketball training staff, but chose not to go.

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