Chatham County PD adding officers to their ranks

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - Just over a week after starting up their new department, Chatham County Police are still working to fill their ranks.

The Chatham County Police Department wants about 120 officers - and they're currently pushing recruitment campaigns online and elsewhere to attract those officers.

As the department works to get to full-strength, they're also getting facilities like the Island's Precinct building updated, and county leaders learned on Friday that officers will be occupying the office soon. They will have to wait though, as the county updates computer systems and other technology that was previously operating off the merged police department format.

People living out on the Islands will see Chatham County Police in the area and can drop by, but it will take some time before they're meeting there for roll calls.

County commissioners also learned at Friday's meeting that the department is moving from 44 to 59 strong next week - about halfway to the desired number of officers. County staff explained that hiring will come in two-week waves, coinciding with the county's payroll schedule.

On the Islands, the unincorporated county is split into five beats for Chatham County PD patrols, with the help of Chatham County sheriff's deputies. The intent is to increase the numbers of officers on patrol and phase out using the deputies help as they hit their recruitment goals.

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