Effingham School Board approves new school zones

Effingham School Board approves new school zones
(Source: WTOC)

EFFINGHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - This week, the Effingham County School Board approved its new school zones for the 2018-2019 School Year.

"I'm just apologetic to the whole community for having to do this, but with the influx of people coming in, we just don't have a choice," Lamar Allen, Chairman of the Effingham County School Board, said.

Over 400 new students enrolled in the school system this year, and with more families planning to move to Effingham, school board members say they had to do something.

Allen says the school board voted unanimously to redistrict the entire county, affecting all elementary and middle schools. He says he understands will affect a lot of people.

"They're building houses as fast as they can build them and we need to make room," Allen said.

School board members say it's a domino effect. Moving more students closer to Rincon will offer space in some of the other schools.

"We don't have the money to build another school right now, so that's all we can do is redistrict people," Allen said.

Kenneth Smith has three children enrolled in the Effingham County School System. Two of this children will now have to make the move to a different school.

"They're very unhappy about it. They don't want to go. They've settled in," Smith said.

Smith says he moved to Effingham County around one year ago. He bought his house based on the schools.

"I really had an idea of where I wanted my kids to go to school, as far as sports and the academics of that school," Smith said. "They didn't give us a choice, so we'll have to lick our wounds and keep on going."

The school board says there are certain opportunities available for those who really want to keep their kids at their current schools. The school transfer request forms will be available on the school district's website this weekend.

Smith says he'll do anything to keep his children at their current schools.

"Absolutely. I'll be there first thing Monday with the paperwork ready to go,"

If that doesn't work, Smith says he has another plan.

"If I have to sell my home and move to get me a place to do it, I'll do it," Smith says.

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