Savannah area museums celebrate Super Museum Sunday

FORT PULASKI - Museums around the greater Savannah area waived admission fees Sunday as part of the Georgia History Festival's Super Museum Sunday.

Historic sites across the Coastal Empire participate in the annual event, allowing locals and visitors to experience Georgia's history and culture for free.

Fort Pulaski hosted guided tours, cannon firing, Civil War baseball, children's activities and a special program called The African American Experience on Sunday.

"I think it's especially awesome when they can relate to history because we so often kind of disassociate ourselves from it," said Amber DeBardelaben, park ranger and education coordinator at Fort Pulaski."[It's] like we forget it really happened, [and] they were real people. I love days like this to kind of bring it back down to people's level, so they can relate to it."

DeBardelaben said lots of families take advantage of the free admission, and she loves teaching children about the fort.

"Oh I love having kids here because they're the future of the Park Service," DeBardelaben said. "They're the ones that are going to inherit this legacy from us, so anytime we get a chance to educate them in the Park Service and make them love the National Parks, it's a great day."

The Mother Mathilda Beasley Cottage also participated in the event, taking the opportunity to celebrate and teach Mother Mathilda's legacy as the first African American nun in Georgia to those attending.

Volunteers say it's important for visitors and locals alike to take advantage of the wonderful museums we have right here in our backyard.

"There's a saying that says in order to know where you're going, you need to know where you've been," said Stephanie Davis, recreation aid for Chatham County Parks and Recreation Department. "And it's always good to know where you come from. Even if it may not be your particular culture or heritage; but its the heritage and its the history of Savannah."

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