Bulloch County leaders seeking input on feral cat program

BULLOCH CO., GA (WTOC) - Stray cats are becoming a problem in Bulloch County.

The county's commission chair says Bulloch County and its cities have a feral cat population that continues to worsen. The cats roam the woods near North Lake Subdivision with many more coming out each night. Their numbers keep growing as they reproduce.

Commission Chair Roy Thompson is worried about how fast they're reproducing and becoming a nuisance in some areas. He took to social media over the weekend to ask if people would support a trap-neuter-release program that would reduce the population without euthanizing.

"We are getting a lot of comments from people about feral cat colonies," said Commission Chair, Roy Thompson. "It's more widespread than most people think it might be. I'm seeking the public's advice, and I had 122-150 responses, almost all of them positive."

Thompson says a few didn't favor releasing them back into the public. Thompson's also looking at ways to do this that won't break the bank, either. He says grant money might be available to keep the county's cost to a minimum.

"We've had organizations that have stepped up and offered to help and they've used the TNR in other places and it's worked great," he said.

He says the county must do something, but he wants to hear from people to help decide what that 'something' will be. Thompson says he'll get in touch with other counties to see if they're having the same issues before he makes any presentation to the board.

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