Consider This: Family-friendly St. Patrick's Day

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Please tell me I didn't hear that at a city council workshop involving St. Patrick's Day there were talks of making the festival more family friendly, possibly with the help of a private contractor.

Say what?

The city just last December changed their mechanics to de-fund Tara Feis, a 25-year family-friendly tradition that required only some seed money to create a non-alcoholic, free for all, beloved community event run by volunteers.

Now at their workshop, they are discussing ways to recreate what they just destroyed. Do they not talk to each other?

Consider this: The city is straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel – reducing St. Patrick's Day and its attendant celebrations to an equation on a balance sheet as though it did not fill the hotels and extend Savannah's reputation across the globe.

The St. Patrick's Day Parade is after all 194 years old.  Long before Midnight in the Garden and Forrest Gump and Paula Deen, it was known as Savannah's signature celebration – a gleaming moment for the Hostess City of the South.

Back in the day when Joe Mahany was county commission chairman and Tom Mahoney was county attorney the Irish quipped that we were governed by "Mahany, Mahoney and Malarkey."  Mr. Mahaney and Mr. Mahoney have left the stage – all that's left is malarkey.

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