Keeping your digital space clean to avoid scams, identity theft

Keeping your digital space clean to avoid scams, identity theft
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SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - A clean digital space is something many people pride themselves on. But, did you know some of those old documents and programs could increase the risk of you becoming the target of scams and identity theft.

Monday was National Clean Your Computer Day, which many people probably didn't even know about. In some ways, having a clean digital space can help you maintain a relatively healthy life because you won't have to deal with things like computer scams and identity theft.

For starters, any old documents that you are not using, go ahead and delete them. If you must keep those documents, a digital back-up is great on an external location or cloud.

Antivirus software should remain updated to make sure your computer isn't hit with a virus. For those of you who have outdated programs on your computer that you are not using, your system is now more susceptible to malware.

"Programs can have security problems. If you have an old version of a problem on there, it might very well have a problem. If you ever tried to execute it without updating it, it may cause you problems," says Keith Fletcher, Speros.

If you have malware on your computer, you may see the following symptoms:

  • Pop-up ads
  • Unwanted toolbars
  • Inappropriate Google search results or ads
  • Being redirected from a site you’re trying to visit, like your homepage or Google
  • Seeing a search engine that looks like Google, but with an unfamiliar URL or logo
  • Getting results from the wrong search engine

Not only should software be cleaned regularly, but hardware needs to be kept up as well. Make sure and do regular cleaning like getting crumbs and other small debris off the keyboard, and wiping down the monitor and tower.

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