'Gemini Man' filming preparations underway in Glennville

GLENNVILLE, GA (WTOC) - The city of Glennville is getting ready for its role in an upcoming movie shoot in Coastal Georgia.

The cast and cameras haven't arrived yet, but much of downtown Glennville is already buzzing about Will Smith and 'Gemini Man' coming to town.

The construction crew dug a hole to plant a fake power pole for one of the movie scenes. Will Smith plays an older hitman who must face a younger clone of himself. It takes place in his hometown of Glennville.

Jessica Kennedy first noticed a group of strangers walking around taking pictures.

"I walked out and said, 'curiosity killed the cat, what are y'all doing,' and they said 'we're with Paramount Studios and we're scouting movie locations,' Kennedy said.

"I asked them 'why Glennville,' and he said he was riding through town and thought it would make a great movie scene," said Mayor Chris Roessler.

Mayor Roessler says this will be a boost for the city. He says the crews have already used local businesses for materials, catering, and more.

"This company is doing a great job of communicating with the local merchants to tell them what's going on and keeping them in the loop," the mayor said.

It will mean blocking off some parking lots or streets. One Glennville store owner says so far, the crew has been friendly, but when the stars arrive in April...

"That's when I'm going home," Dale Bradley told us.

"You'll let them work and you'll come back when they're done," we asked him?

"Yep," Bradley said.

Jessica says a little inconvenience will be worth it.

"It's once in a lifetime! We'll take it."

Another perk of the production is the company will supposedly pave a block on Barnard Street where a fire burned through several buildings and use it as a car lot - something that will look better long after the shoot.

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