Two new schools coming to Bryan County

Two new schools coming to Bryan County
(Source: WTOC)

BRYAN CO., GA (WTOC) - The roads aren't the only things getting bigger in Bryan County. So are the schools.

McAllister Elementary is just a few years old, but school officials say it's already at capacity and it's time for the school system to think about building bigger schools.

"We built McAllister which is already capped out, pretty much," Bryan County BOE Chairman Eddie Warren said.

With several Bryan County schools almost at capacity, Warren says the school system is working on plans to build a new elementary school and a new Richmond Hill High School.

The new high school will hold around 3,000 students. Warren calls it a 'mammoth of a project.'

"The high school will be a structure that will be there for a long time. We're going to build it right from day one and we are going to put the add-ons that we need at this point, but we will also have room for additional growth," Warren said.

With many families moving to Bryan County, school leaders say they're experiencing around a 3-5 percent increase each school year.

'We basically have around 9500 to 10,000 students, so a five percent growth is around 500 students," Warren explained.

Warren says much of the growth is taking place in South Bryan County near Richmond Hill, but with the industrial park located in Black Creek, North Bryan County is also seeing additional students.

'We're anticipating on that to grow in the future as well as the south end," Warren said.

Warren says school officials have already implemented strategies to extend other schools, instead of continuing to build new schools. Bryan County Elementary was built with the intention to add additional wings once the school reaches capacity. School leaders will look at implementing the same strategy with future schools.

"So, we're trying to look at those points and parts for the future so it doesn't cost taxpayers in Bryan County to kind of do the same thing." Warren said.

As for the location of the new schools. both will be built near the existing Richmond Hill Middle School on Warren Hill Road.

School officials hope to have the new elementary school built by 2020 and the new high school finished by 2021.

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