Savannah City Council votes on 2-day St. Patrick's Festival

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - This year's Saint Patrick's Day Festival dates are set.

Savannah City Council voted to approve the recommended two-day festival for March 16t-17, as well as the festival control zone.

There have been three, four-day day festivals in recent years, exhausting city staff and resources as well as downtown residents and businesses.

It was also seeing an economic impact study from Georgia Southern University that showed how little the city makes from the event versus how much it costs them that helped steer them in the two-day festival direction.

One thing Savannah's Chief Operating Officer, Marty Johnston also wanted to clear up were rumors that the city is trying to take over the St. Patrick's Day Parade.

"Y'all don't want to take over the parade. We have worked very closely with the parade committee over the years. We are proud to be partners with them. We have no say so, nor do we want to say so over the parade other than to make sure that we take care of Public Safety," Johnston said.

Johnston says they'll be focusing on underage drinking enforcement and litter control - even more than last year - along the parade route.

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