Savannah-Chatham Day takes over State Capitol

Savannah-Chatham Day takes over state capitol
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ATLANTA (WTOC) - Savannah lawmakers and business leaders are at the State Capitol in Atlanta Thursday for Savannah-Chatham Day.

The annual event, put on by Savannah's Chamber of Commerce, is an opportunity to show off what we have going on in our area. It's a chance for civic, business, and government leaders to get face to face with the folks at the state level. Representatives from colleges and school systems in the Savannah area are also in attendance.

"It's great to do it on their turf. You get to see so many more people," said Bill Hubbard, CEO of Savannah-area Chamber of Commerce. "Of course, we have an event tonight which is a real popular event that all of them like to come to. We exchange a ticket or two for the opportunity to talk to them about what our priorities are."

"I think it's much more effective when we present a unified force and a unified voice in trying to get our agenda for all of Chatham County and Savannah accomplished," said Savannah City Manager, Rob Hernandez.

To say the meeting room was crowded would be a bit of an understatement.

"I think the energy that Savannah Chatham Day brings knocks the rest of them out of the box," said Rep. J. Craig Gordon, representing Georgia's 163rd District.

"Certainly all those different entities that come have some of their own priorities and it gives them a great opportunity to meet and talk with people that can make decisions about their priorities too. It's kind of a win-win for everybody," Hubbard said. 

Savannah Mayor Eddie DeLoach and most of the council were also in attendance. Some of their main concerns revolve around the ports, roadways, and drainage systems.

"Dredging of the Port, we want to make sure that stays on schedule and doesn't fall behind. We're really going to be emphasizing that," Mayor Deloach said. "We've got some road projects and drainage projects we're trying to touch base with them about."

Different elected leaders and directors of state agencies spoke to people in attendance.

The night will end with a reception and oyster dinner.

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