Mother of Savannah's fourth homicide victim speaks

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Terry Coburn was shot and killed on Valentine's day at Sunset Park on a basketball court.

Pamela Yates, his mother, says she didn't see her son being the next homicide victim in Savannah when all he wanted to do that day was play basketball. She says she saw him leave to go play basketball and she never saw him again. She just received a phone call telling her that her son had been shot and killed.

"He was in the park on Valentine's Day shooting basketball with his nephews, and all three of my grandsons had to see him die on that park and one of them was holding him saying 'stay strong,' Yates said.

One of her grandsons was the 10-year-old grazed by a bullet in that shooting.

Yates says she sees stories all of the time about shootings, but she says you never want to be the one to receive that phone call that your child is dead.

"It was sad that my grandsons had to watch him die on the park because of somebody shooting at somebody else," Yates said.

Police have not confirmed a motive or suspect identities.

Coburn's grandmother says she is also very shaken up by the constant gun violence, but she wants her grandson's killer to turn himself in.

"What I have to say is very short. Young man, you will not be able to rest. Please turn yourself in."

Terry Coburn leaves behind his family as well as an eight-month-old baby boy.

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