Good News: Robot helps autistic kids

BEAUFORT, SC (WTOC) - Two Lowcountry elementary schools are using a robot to help autistic students develop better social skills.

Milo the Robot talks to the students and can also be connected to an iPad so he can interact with them through educational videos and games. Michael C. Riley Elementary School and Beaufort Elementary School got the two Milo robots through the Robots4Autism Initiative by the South Carolina Department of Education.

"Milo is teaching them how to show videos of people interacting with them and showing them the appropriate ways to do it and then they get to practice those skills," said Bonnie Smiley, Speech Therapist, Beaufort Elementary.

"He's able to, like. express himself better you know, and ask him a question. It gives him details, and I mean, he even doesn't yell out as much when he gets frustrated," said parent, Neikia Cole-Johnson.

The program is designed to help support the growing number of autistic students in the state of South Carolina.

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