16th annual Springtime made in the South held in Savannah

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Savannah held it's Springtime made in the South festival over the weekend, giving shoppers a chance for people to get a first-hand look at craftsmen showing off their skills and an opportunity to buy one of a kind pieces.

"It's interesting to get involved with other people and make things with your hands as opposed to something that's massed produced off an assembly line that the quality is not there, the uniqueness is not there what you find in here there's only one so if you don't buy it and somebody else buy's it it's gone," said Russ Hunt, the executive director of Carolina shows.

WTOC is a proud sponsor of the event. This years festival was a tremendous success with the show being voted among the "100 Best" arts and crafts festivals in the country by the national Sunshine Artist Magazine.

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